About Us

Kansas Association of Independent Crop Consultants

The Kansas Association of Independent Crop Consultants (KAICC) was founded in February of 1987. The association was formed to raise the standards and image of the professional crop consultant and to discourage the use of the term "consultant" by anyone other than those who are fully qualified and actively engaged in this capacity.

Members of this organization are required to pass rigid standards involving experience, training, knowledge, performance, and ability to render independent decisions. Companies can hold membership in KAICC, but individuals representing the company must meet the individual requirements for membership.

Services of Crop Consultants

The profession of independent agricultural crop consulting has created considerable interest during the last decade. The need for increased efficiency in production, recent advances in technology and continuing concern for the environment insures the need for qualified individuals to represent the agricultural industry.

Our primary mission is to support agricultural producers in the economical production of farm commodities through current research information concerning crop management principals and techniques. Keeping current in updated research and methodology allows a blending of economical practices that will promote integrated crop management systems.

Independent is our First Name

Being independent, but also closely associated, provides the capability of covering a wide area of information and expertise as well as a large geographical area dealing with pest movements and control techniques.

An important characteristic of independence is the inherent ability to render decisions free from any outside influence. Having "independent" in the name of our association distinguishes for the public that we are individuals deriving fees from our farmer-clients only and not supported by any outside industries or influences.

Purpose of the KAICC

It shall be the purpose of this organization to:

  • Provide an organization through which all members can unify their efforts to promote agricultural and crop consulting.

  • Promote and upgrade the business of crop consulting as a profession.

  • Encourage and assist crop consultants to seek current information concerning crop management principles and techniques.

  • Encourage and participate in research on crop management techniques.

  • Support agricultrual producers in the production of their crops by the most economical means using methods that will least adversely affect the environment.

  • Distinguish for the public the differences between professional consultants, employed for a fee, and those consultants that may have a conflict of interest in giving advice on crop management.

  • Assist in the formulation of future crop management philosophies.