Voting Member shall be one who meets the requirements of training and experience and who provides agricultural crop consulting services to the public on a fee basis.

An independent agricultural crop consultant being one who, as an individual, derives his livelihood from offering independent, objective, professional advice in matters relating to crop production, and who acts as a private contractor. The person must not have a conflict of interest involving agricultural consulting, the sales of products and other related services.

A voting member shall possess a four year college degree in an appropriate agricultural field and have had a minimum of four years of reputable experience in an appropriate field of agricultural consulting, one year of which may be substituted for a Master's degree and two years by a PhD degree. The membership committee may, at its discretion, permit the substitution of six years of non-consulting experience in an appropriate field for two as a consultant, except that a minimum of two years as an independent consultant is required. The membership committee may, at its discretion, admit to membership, those who have 10 or more years experience as agricultural consultants, provided they meet other criteria for member classification.

In addition, an applicant for membership must provide references from individuals for whom he has personally provided consultation services and be recommended by two members in good standing. Investigation of these references should show that these services were provided in a highly competent and professional manner. Approval will be by a quorum vote at a scheduled meeting, or by mailed ballot.

A Provisional Member is one who possesses all the qualifications required of members, except the experience. When he has fulfilled the requirements of a voting member, he shall be reconsidered for full voting membership status by the membership committee. Provisional members do not posses voting privileges.

A Student Member is one taking academic training leading toward agricultural consulting as a profession. Student members do not possess voting privileges.

Sustaining Members are companies who wish to promote our crop consulting association through technical information and support. Sustaining members do not possess voting privileges.

An Honorary Member is one whose service to the agricultural consulting profession and industry clearly deserves recognition.

The Member Support Network

The primary benefits of membership to the KAICC to an individual are the information exchange with and the cooperation of fellow independent consultants. In general, most independent consultants are a part of small one or two person operations. Without the resources of the KAICC, the small independent consultant can be isolated in terms of sharing information learned in the field, hearing of new developments in the agricultural production industry and particularly isolated when one is suddenly unable to service his clients due to injury or illness. The KAICC provides a network to meet these concerns.

The KAICC encourages frequent communication between consultants throughout the year so that all members can derive the benefit of other's experiences and knowledge. In addition, KAICC provides a forum for the sharing of new ideas incorporating various schools of thought through periodic meetings. These meetings also provide a means for industry representatives to meet with the membership as a group to provide training and education on the use of their products.

The KAICC offers a network of professional consultants who are ready and willing to come to the aid of a fellow consultant when that person is struck by injury or illness. By lending a helping hand, it helps both the injured consultant and his clients as well as all independent consultants to know that their client's needs will be served in the event of an emergency.

Membership Application

Keith Lamb

KAICC President
514 W Broadway
Macksville, KS 67557